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Tool for your team to coach themselves:
Topaasia® is a serious game method for engaging and productive team dialogue sessions.

  • Makes difficult subjects easier to handle.

  • Guaranteed end result in a form of mutual decisions and actions.

  • Increases commitment to mutual decisions.

  • Makes possible to give direct feedback.

  • Helps to recognize present and future bottlenecks.

  • Increases the sharing of tacit knowledge.

  • Helps to find new perspectives.

Topaasia® is an easy method for implementing team development workshops in 30 minutes and evaluate their effectiveness without outside consultant or facilitator.

What our customers say?

Playing helps effectively to identify risks, possibilities and team member’s strengths. Things and tasks identified by playing can be implemented fast.

Johanna Pystynen, HR-manager, Vincit Oy

Topaasia reveals unknown pain points through dialogue the game makes. We got better experience and end-result by playing than by any consultant meeting.

Markus Nieminen, www.markusnieminen.com

Unbelievable time/benefit – ratio from the viewpoint of team development. The game helps to locate the essential challenges of team and to make an action plan.

Tiina Lindroos, HR-manager, Finnchat Oy

An investment of few hundreds pays itself back tenfold after half an hour game session you realize to move your focus to right things.

Johannes Karjula, CEO, Suomen Asiakaskokemukset Oy

Playing is an exciting way to find concrete development areas and create mutual understanding to develop customer experience.

Heikki Ilvessalo, chief development officer, Castren & Snellman Oy

How Topaasia® works?

Different Topaasia® – games

  • General pack – Versatile synthesis about the best bits we have learned by doing different packs with top experts.

  • Retrospective- A pack for software development teams for team retrospectives. Having a retro has never been easier, effective and fun! Content created with Vincit Oy.

  • Customer experience – When team has a need to develop and think about customer experience from broader spectrum. Content created with Castrén & Snellman Oy and Artsense Oy.

  • Agility– When team wants to discuss about it’s agility and how to improve it.
    Content created with Solita Oy.

Games delivered
”The benefits of game session on 1-5?”

Little shop

Topaasia® – game

  • When you want to use Topaasia® casually with teams or different project groups in workshops. Use internally or with customers.

  • We recommend starting with versatile Topaasia® – general pack. You can also choose a pack for more specific areas like software development retrospective or customer experience.

  • Topaasia® is easy to use and doesn’t need separate preparation or consulting session to get started. Duration of game is about 30 minutes and suits for groups of 3-10 people.

  • Price 249 € / game (+ vat 24 % ja postage fees)

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Behind Topaasia® – brand is gälliwashere inc, which aims to create world’s largest consulting company without any consultants. How? By offering products that helps workplace teams to create and maintain common goals and direction.

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