Tool for crystallizing conversations:
Topaasia® is a serious game method for engaging and productive team dialogue sessions in 30 minutes.

  • Makes difficult subjects easier to handle.

  • Guaranteed end result in a form of mutual decisions and actions.

  • Increases commitment to mutual decisions.

  • Helps to recognize present and future bottlenecks.

  • Increases the sharing of tacit knowledge.

  • Helps to find new perspectives.

  • Doesn’t require training or facilitator.

  • The discussion in game revolves around real subjects (not simulation) and end result is an action plan.

  • Use in workshops, monthly meetings, continuous improvement sessions, or in retrospectives.

What our customers say?

Playing helps effectively to identify risks, possibilities and team member’s strengths. Things and tasks identified by playing can be implemented fast.

Johanna Pystynen, HR-manager, Vincit Oy

Topaasia reveals unknown pain points through dialogue the game makes. We got better experience and end-result by playing than by any consultant meeting.

Markus Nieminen,

Unbelievable time/benefit – ratio from the viewpoint of team development. The game helps to locate the essential challenges of team and to make an action plan.

Tiina Lindroos, HR-manager, Finnchat Oy

An investment of few hundreds pays itself back tenfold after half an hour game session you realize to move your focus to right things.

Johannes Karjula, CEO, Suomen Asiakaskokemukset Oy

Playing is an exciting way to find concrete development areas and create mutual understanding to develop customer experience.

Heikki Ilvessalo, chief development officer, Castren & Snellman Oy

How Topaasia® works?

Different Topaasia® – games

General pack

General pack is versatile Topaasia game for many situations. General pack is not domain-specific so it can be used in various teams of various industries.

The themes of the pack are:

Spades – Leadership
Clubs – Co-operation
Diamonds – Customer value
Hearts – Improvement

Customer Experience

Customer Experience is aimed for people wanting to develop customer experience. It contains the essential parts of what forms great customer experience and what it takes to develop it inside the organization. 

The themes of the pack are:

Spades – Direction: The choices based upon customer understanding.
Clubs – Culture: The impact of organization’s basic beliefs and culture on customer.
Diamonds – Story: Understand the interactions that impact the customer journey.
Hearts – Individual: The significance of learning and self development on forming of customer experience.


Retrospective is game for software development team’s retrospectives.
The themes of the pack:

Spades – Conditions: Understand the conditions of working.
Clubs – Processess: Understand the processes of working.
Diamonds – Teamwork: Understand the elements which support teamwork.
Hearts – Quality: Understand the overall quality of the project.


Agility is for evaluation and improvement of team’s agile way of working.

Themes of the pack:
Spades – Operating procedures: to form our understanding of the operability of our operating models.
Clubs – Customer value: to understand our ability to create value for the customer.
Diamonds – Environmental support: to form an understanding of the importance of environmental support fo what is done.
Hearts – Continuous improvement: to form an understanding of how good we are at improving our operations.

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